Fashion photography is all about creating a unique ‘mood’ in the image styling.

Shay Photography brings an exclusive editorial, high fashion approach to capturing timeless advertising images for some of the leading brands in Dubai. Our fashion photographers in Dubai capture accessories and clothing in a way that makes them look attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Bring Your Clothes to Life with Our Fashion Photo Shoot in Dubai
Whether you want the photoshoot in a studio space in Dubai or you’re looking for a photographer who can shoot at your chosen location, Shay Photography has you covered. Our talented team of fashion photographers in Dubai brings something unique to the table that’ll give your outfit the look you’re looking for.We have long-term relationships with our clients and they trust us to create photographs that sell their products. From providing basics like a steamer, an in-house dressing room and clothes racks to creating the best angle for the perfect shot, we strive to help your vision come to life.

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Strengthen your Brand Presence

Fashion photography requires expertise, professionalism and careful attention to detail. Since its inception, Shay Photography has worked with the leading fashion brands in Dubai. Before starting any fashion photo shoot, we comprehensively research your brand paying detailed attention to the last seasons to get an insight into your brand’s development. Our fashion photographers in Dubai know the importance of location, models, props, having the right stylists and makeup artists. We often tweak our approach to get the desired look and make your brand stand out among the competitors.

We have a passion for quality!
At Shay Photography, we listen to your needs carefully and pull it off without missing a beat.
Our fashion photographers in Dubai always turn up on time and offer quality imagery, reliable service and a fast turnaround. All photographs can be retouched to commercial photography needs, website or press ready.

Contact us today to discuss how Shay Photography can help you with your next fashion photo shoot.

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