Shay Photography enjoys creating images that are not only visually appealing but also natural and timeless.

Our wedding photographers in Dubai have the passion and expertise to help you create beautiful memories on the film…. images that will be treasured with love and compassion. Browse our portfolio section and imagine yourself in a similar environment or setting. This collection includes some of our best photography work but not all of it. Our best work is always our next assignment where we push the boundaries of creativity on your behalf.

Inspiration, Ingenuity and Elegance
At Shay Photography, we capture the essence of your special day; helping you revive the treasured moments every time you share or view these photos. Our talented photographers in Dubai have shot many engagements and weddings, however what matters is the passion with which we capture these moments. Our unique style and expertise in capturing love have been widely acclaimed and recognized. Our work has been published in magazines and wedding blogs. You can see our recent shoots on our Facebook page and Instagram.

An Exquisite Wedding Photography Studio

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Our wedding photographers in UAE believe that every picture is a legacy that will last eternally. Every single minute of your day is important to us and we strive to document it beautifully with our softly-spoken images (they literally whisper your story!)
You can trust for the attention to detail, professional craftsmanship and the right use of colours and light. We love shooting in natural light unless we are in the low light situation.

We are Curious, Creative and Excited
Working with Shay Photography, you will realize that you have a photographer on your wedding day who will double up as a friend. Our photographers in Dubai are committed to sharing the most innovative, thought-provoking art, and hope you will join us in exploring the ideas, art of our time. We offer a wide range of competitive photography packages to suit any budget.

Contact us today with any of your questions! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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