Kendall and Raad’s Engagement Shoot

Hope you are enjoying your summer and keeping yourself cool….. I am enjoying blogging at my office this afternoon while sipping a cooler.

Kendall is a chic New York girl who met Raad from Jordan. They are college sweethearts and they moved to Dubai for their career. Dubai is so magical in so many ways and they decided to do their engagement in Dubai, before they travel to New York and Amman for their wedding… Yes they are tying the knot in two different places for their friends and family…..

Kendall and Raad are fun loving couple and they decided to go for a picnic engagement shoot…..

I loved that idea and immediately jumped into it…… Picnics are my favorite too….. I love the winter light it is so soft and ethereal… or is it their love?… this duo is absolutely inseparable.. it was such a pleasure working with them…..It is rightly said that “law of loving others could not be discovered by reason, because it is unreasonable”

You can have glimpse of their Dubai Engagement Photoshoot

Dubai Wedding Photographer