Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Dubai

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, how you choose to represent it, is something that you need to think about. So selecting your photographer is something that needs lot of time. The preparations that you make for the day should be captured well, in such a way that they are a part of your family heirloom. You cherish those moments every time you see your album.

You can either choose to have digital or film or mix of both.  Film photography is very soft as compared to digital images and has an aesthetic appeal of its own. All film images can be scanned and are available on USB

For the style of photography you can choose between Fine Art, Documentary or dramatic…..

Fine Art Photography is soft and dreamy and captures little details. It engages the viewer and draws them into things like the smile of the bride, the veil covering her shoulder, the folds of her dress, the way she looks at her beau and her eyes..the kiss…. not to forget all the decorations and details of the wedding and many more……

Documentary style … Documentary style photography is all about capturing the moment as it is …. When it comes to my style of photography I like to mix a little bit of Fine art wedding photography along with documentary style of photography. Certain moments at a wedding cannot be recreated… and that is why I like to capture them the way they are….specially when a doting mom helps her daughter slip into her wedding attire… this reminds me of my wedding…or when a groom sees her bride for the first time in the bridal attire… these special moments are priceless

Last but not the least is the dramatic wedding photography style… most photographers who choose to do the dramatic style use artificial light or flash and sometimes even bigger lights to capture those moments….

Each style is unique and beautiful on its own and you need to understand what you prefer and select your wedding photographer accordingly.