George and Nicole’s Romantic Desert Shoot

George and Nicole are itchy-footed travellers living in Cyprus…they always capture romantic photos in places they travel.. I loved that idea…. what a beautiful way of creating memories together….

Nicole found me online and we have been  in-touch for months discussing about outfits, makeup and in general planning little details for the shoot…..

They decided to go for a pristine desert as the backdrop..away from the city… love the desert in this part of the world… they are so beautiful and dreamy… what is interesting about these deserts is that the dunes keep changing every day…. so every time I shoot in this location I have something new to look forward to… The weather was just beautiful and often the winter sky in Dubai looks just like a painting… it was one of those days when everything was perfect.

Nicole carried these beautiful outfits from Cyprus and she looked stunning in them, her boyfriend George was a model and together they just rocked it…….

Have to give a shout out for the beautiful makeup by Katie Todd and stunning out fit by Gregory Morfi