Lifestyle photography is all about capturing real life moments, the genuine raw emotions and intrinsic details that make our lives so special. In essence, it’s an interaction, an emotion or expression, the way we love, laugh and live. At Shay Photography, our lifestyle photographers in Dubai have expertise in documenting the precious details that pass by everyday, and are often those beautiful, little things that we look back on in the future years and think, “Oh my goodness, I still remember…”

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Candid Lifestyle Photography!
Shay Photography offers mainstream lifestyle and artistic imagery with a personal level of service to the discerning customers. Most of our photography is focused on the quirky side of life. No fake smiles or posing, images taken candidly while the subject is caught up in his/her own world, unaware of the presence of camera. We specialize in lifestyle family photography, motherhood photography, mummy and me session, newborn photography, breast feeding portrait sessions, maternity photography, family portrait photography and family documentary photography.

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Award-winning Lifestyle Photographers in Dubai

Shay Photography serves the needs of commercial, corporate and editorial clients with a passion to creativity and attention to detail deep rooted in our photography techniques. We have advanced equipment and a great committed team of professional photographers in Dubai who will fuse the finest elements of the landscape with your raw emotions. Our photographers provide professional lifestyle photography for all occasions including family, romantic dinner, anniversaries, engagement and honeymoon.

Breathtaking Lifestyle Images That Inspire!
At Shay Photography, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life. Our lifestyle photographers in Dubai strive to create timeless and unique images that capture the personality and loving bond shared within your family. In later years, these photos will be something to look back and treasure the amazing moments and to tell your story to the future generations. Sessions are arranged outside or in your home. They are available for both weekdays and weekends.
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