Ima and Chi’s Proposal Story

This is my first post in 2018. Hope you all had a great beginning to a another beautiful year. What did you all do on New Year’s eve? I did not have any plans though, but it turned out to be a beautiful one. Initially I decided to spend the evening at home with my husband and daughter, cook some festive dinner and enjoy the fireworks from my balcony.

Just before Christmas I received an E-mail from Ima saying that he wants to propose his girl on New Year’s eve and requested me to cover his story. So my dinner and fireworks plan did not change, but I managed to capture a romantic story at Sundown. How cool is that…..My only concern was where do I shoot his proposal story. Dubai is so crowded all beaches and public places are so busy, with traffic diversions, I was a bit nervous.

After lot of research we decided on a quiet spot near  Al Qudra lake, it is off the city limits so it turned out to be very peaceful and perfect for this Chicago couple.

It was a such a pleasure to see Chi getting swept off her feet completely, she was surprised and totally taken aback.